EXTREMELY RARE giant Pterosaur wing bone ! 


Here we can see a partial wing bone from a giant Late Cretaceous Azhdarchidae pterosaur :  Phosphatodraco mauritanicus, a north african close relative to the famous Quetzalcoatlus. This wing phalanx was discovered in the late Maastrichtian (65 million-year-old) of the Phosphate beds of Morocco (Oulad Abdoun Basin). 


The size of the bone is 14,5 inches long ! Matrix is 16,9 inches long. 

Sold with a custom metal stand on a precious wooden base in Benzoin. Highly decorative specimen. 


Condition : Awesome. There is no restoration or repair. Still in original phosphate matrix. 100% Natural ! The preservation is the best possible. 


If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.  

EXTREMELY RARE giant Pterosaur wing bone PHOSPHATODRACO / Quetzalcoatlus

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