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Very nice multi slab with a Dapedium sp. next to a giant pyritized ammonite Lytoceras siemensi. There is also a fully pyritzed belemnite, Passaloteuthis paxillosus. 


The specimen was found in the Oil Shale of the world famous site of Holzmaden in Germany.


The specimen originates from a Private German collection.


The size of the fish is 18 cm, the Ammonite is 33 cm long.

The Size of the whole slab is 80 cm X 45 cm. 


Condition : Very good. There are very minor restorations on the fish, mostly on the tail. Otherwise the specimen has a very good preservation. The scales are incredibly nice. The teeth are also preserved. The ammonite is in perfect condition, same for the belemnite.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Jurassic Ocean slab with a nice Dapedium, a Lytoceras and a Belemnite

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