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A magnificently articulated ten-foot-long Jurassic crocodile skeleton
Extremely rare Steneosaurus bollensis skeleton dating to the early Jurassic period (180 Million-Year-Old) from the world famous Holzmaden shale (Germany). The preservation is really beautiful with some soft parts (skin / leather) specially in the neck area. There is also a gastrolith in the stomach. The specimen is not composited : all the bones are from the same animal and still in their original position. Furthermore this fossil was not artificially replaced in another slab : it is still in the original matrix ! A real natural beauty, truly a Museum specimen.
The specimen originates from a french private collection and it was discovered before 1950.
Size of the slab : 275cm x 115cm. Size of the skeleton : 3m long, along the spinal column.
Price on request.
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Original crocodile skeleton with preserved skin from the Jurassic of Holzmaden

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