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Panthalassa provides exceptional fossils to museums, galleries, and private collectors throughout the world.

Our specialty is a wide variety of fossils found in the famous Solnhofen Limestone of South Eastern Germany.

Every specimen we sell is unconditionally guaranteed forever to be genuine, LEGAL and properly identified.

Frederic WEBER - General Manager

Incredible Moon fish (Late Jurassic)
Delicate skeleton of flying reptile
Extremely rare fossilized turtle
Exquisite 31 cm long Dapedium
Mastodon jaw from Eastern France
Beautiful & perfect spiny pycnodont
A giant dragonfly (wingspan 18 cm)
Fantastic sea-urchins from Holzmaden
Fantastic Macroconch and Microconch
Very nice moon fish (25 cm)
Incredible Mastodon jaw from France
Fantastic spiny pycnodont fish
Incredible 30 cm large sea-urchin
A big flying reptile with soft parts
Beautiful predatory fish
Perfect preservation of a semionotid
Skull cast of a theropod dinosaur
A large Coelacanth in perfect state
Huge 10 cm large sea-urchin
Incredible ammonite with apophyses
A perfect predatory fish (37 cm)
Incredible 25 cm long Ophiopsis
A filter feeding pterosaur head
Extremely rare semionotid fish
Incredible half meter long bony fish
Perfect preservation for a dragonfly
A giant Cycleryon (30 cm long)


Our collection is constantly changing.

All the pieces in these pages are sold.

For similar specimens, please feel free to contact us at any time and

we would be happy to assist you further with your search.

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